Air Conditioning Load Calculations

Air Conditioning Load Calculations : Ac Heater Wall Unit

Air Conditioning Load Calculations

air conditioning load calculations

    load calculations

  • (Load Calculation) A mathematical determination of how much cooling and heating (BTUs) an HVAC system must deliver for occupant safety and comfort.
  • (Load Calculation) A mathematical design tool used to determine the heat gain and heat loss in a building so that properly sized air conditioning and heating equipment may be installed.
  • (Load Calculation) Assessed by a dealer, the calculation factors in a number of criteria in your home (square footage, number of windows, year-round weather concerns) and determines what size components you should include as part of your total comfort system.

    air conditioning

  • An Original Equipment or Aftermarket accessory system that cools and dries the incoming passenger compartment air. Aka: a/c
  • air conditioner: a system that keeps air cool and dry
  • (Air-conditioned) buses fares cost a little over four times the fare of an ‘Ordinary’ route covering the same distance. Those buses have route numbers starting with A.
  • A system for controlling the humidity, ventilation, and temperature in a building or vehicle, typically to maintain a cool atmosphere in warm conditions

Hydrostatic loads can blow out grout

Hydrostatic loads can blow out grout
During heavy rains jets of water spray out from between the bricks. That’s called hydrostatic pressure.

Mitigation plans by Engineer "W" had no hydrostatic load calculations. Not good.

These jets of water and the clogged drainage system all indicate hydrostatic loads are significant.

One consulting engineer has calculated that the wall as it currently stands, is already overloaded due to the hydrostatic loads. Egineer "W" had planned to make the wall even taller, and had been approved to do so without a permit.

Day 225 – Mathematical Constructs

Day 225 - Mathematical Constructs
Sometimes being an asset can be a serious pain in the ass – especially when you’re the only one who can perform a task. What does it get you? The majority of Sunday spent in the office 😦

But I don’t regret it as I know it’ll make me a stronger, smarter, more experienced engineer all around. I just need the discipline to get through the rough parts to come through stronger at the other end.

Don’t mind me, I’m just whining that I didn’t get to screw around in World of Warcraft this afternoon (I still did in the afternoon ;D)

air conditioning load calculations



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